AI Podcasts

Made to Order Audio is proud to offer AI narrated podcasts, lowering the barrier to entry of starting a podcast and offering a new way to repurpose content.

How it works

Seamless Script-to-Podcast Transformation Provide us your script, and our advanced AI model will convert it into a natural and engaging podcast episode.

Professional-Quality Audio Production Each episode is quality checked by a human audio engineer to make sure the narration flows naturally and has proper pronunciations, grammar, etc. We also feature a custom introduction with music for a professional touch.

Hassle-Free Distribution We take care of the technicalities. Your podcast will be distributed to all major podcast platforms, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility for your audience.

Engaging Ad Reads and Dynamic Ad Insertion Monetize your podcast effortlessly with our included ad reads and dynamic ad insertion.

Personalized Support We’re here for you every step of the way. Our dedicated team of audio experts will provide ongoing assistance, ensuring your podcast sounds polished and professional.

Subscriptions For a one time setup fee of $50, we’ll enable subscriptions for your podcast. Your listeners can pay you directly for access to the podcast on a monthly or yearly base. Our typical client becomes profitable at about 35 subscribers.

Who it works for

Our AI podcasts are perfect for publishers who are already producing consistent written content and are looking for a cost effective way to repurpose content and connect with their followers in one of the most engaging formats: audio.

We’re a great fit for:

  1. News Organizations
  2. Magazines
  3. Email Marketers
  4. Newsletters



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Are you ready to make waves in the podcasting world? Hear what your content would sound like as an AI podcast: