Commemorate the big day with a Made to Order audiobook. Whether you’re part of the happy couple or you’re in the wedding party and want a fun alternative to a speech, this is the choice for you!

You can have your DJ play it at the reception, share it with family who can’t be there in person, or enjoy it privately at home.

Our script writers will work with you to learn your love story from first date to engagement, with inside jokes and anecdotes sprinkled in along the way.

Then it’s on to one of our narrators who brings the story to life. Finally, we produce the whole thing together with music and it’s complete.

The final product is delivered to you or your DJ in an mp3 file within 7 days of our script writers starting point.

To get started on a Made to Order wedding audiobook today, head to our services page and select an audiobook about two people.