Do you have someone with a birthday coming up and you’re out of ideas on what to get them? Commission a Made to Order birthday audiobook! It’s a perfect gift for anyone regardless of their interests, hobbies, or even location.

Our team works with you to learn the special birthday boy or girl’s story from birth to present day. We then script out their story featuring their accomplishments, milestones, funny stories and more.

Next we send out the script to one of our professional narrators who performs the script. Finally we turn it all into a high quality audio story produced to professional level quality standards.

The final project is posted to a custom page on our website where you can play it for all of your friends and family! You can also download it from this page as an mp3 file to save on your device.

If you’d like to commission your own Made to Order birthday audiobook, head to our services page and choose an audiobook about one person. When checking out, be sure to enter a valid email address, as this is how we’ll contact you to get started!